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  1. Haha I thought I said You’re Beautiful instead of TTBY? Anyway I actually did watch TTBY and I dropped midway because it was getting a little too fluffy for my own good.
    Glad to know that you like that same dramas as I do, I’ll look forward to hear more of your opinions on dramas (I love love love drama discussions!). On the why-everyone-seems-to-love-RM-but-I-dont-really-feel-the-urge-to-watch-it front, I totally get how you feel. I really do, I’ve struggled with that notion for quite awhile until one of my favourite groups (Big Bang) showed up to guest on that show. So I guess it’ll be alright for you to just wait until someone you really like makes an appearance on the show, and go for it when that happens. No pressure here. 🙂

  2. I always feel very blessed and amazed whenever I come across kind souls like you that share the same musings and interests as I do. Despite our contrasting background and cultures, deep down inside I feel like we’re equals, no more or no less different than one another. It’s a magical feeling, that.

  3. Hello there NyNy~~ Where are you based in? Thank youuu so much I really appreciate it. ^.^
    Already did heh I look forward to read more of your future material as well. 🙂

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