I have so much anxiety these days. Day after day, night after night I have left wondering if I’ll ever be able to pull through it all. If I have to be terribly honest with you, I am tired of constantly moving from one place to another every single year.

I can feel the clock ticking. Tick-tock tick-tock.

Spring is coming

I don’t know if it’s just me but I keep having this feeling of being perpetually stuck in between, neither here nor there. Everything and everyone else seems to have zoomed past me in a blink of an eye whilst I’m left here wondering if I’ll ever get to anywhere. Some days I feel like I’ve come a long way, and others I’d be chiding myself for falling so behind (ha, I actually have a paper on child soldiers waiting to be written as of now which I am putting off for a bit to write this post) but oh wells, such is the life of a student. I might as well enjoy whatever that’s left of my undergraduate years while I still can.

Last year, I took a break off pretty much everything to focus on living out my own life. As much as I am grateful to social media for giving me the opportunity to get to know (and even meet up with) some pretty amazing people, at some point it became too much (Twitter, I am looking at you). Now don’t get me wrong, I still stand by the fact that creating this blog is one of the best things that I’ve ever done in my life. After all, I wouldn’t have come across so many kindred spirits if it wasn’t for this blog (and the blogosphere, by extension). After all, this is where I’ve met my first pen-pal slash best friend (who I am still in touch with until today), my writer/blogger crush (!!!) and so many more beautiful souls that has been short of nothing but amazing to you. I remember being super sick this one time with no medications at hand, and one of my readers (another fellow blogger!) was kind enough to send me meds through the mail! T_____T

So yeah, like I said, it’s one of the best choices that I’ve ever made in my life. However, I had to leave to do some growing up on my own. For the longest time, I have lived vicariously through others (and especially through dramas) but one day it just dawned on me that I couldn’t possibly carry on like this forever. After all, dramas are just fictional but my life is right there waiting for me to make the most of it. When you reach a certain point in life you start to feel the time ticking, y’know?  I honestly cannot believe how much have changed in the span of two years. I’ve said a lot of hellos and goodbyes (this is what happens when you have different flatmates every year) and crossed quite a number of things off my bucket list (art exhibitions, festivals, concerts, lavender fields and whatnots), and actually you know what, I’ll be saying goodbye to good olde Reading town in about 5 months time.

Anyways…I am going to try (note how I said ‘try’ instead of promising fervently, ha) to do a personal recommendation corner every month or so just to share some of the things that I enjoy doing that particular month. I’ve always wanted to do something like this but alas, the fact that this blog was previously marketed as a drama/music review blog kind of made it impossible. I mean, I can imagine that it would have been weird if someone went on (what he/she thought was) a drama blog just to discover some random stuff on skincare recommendations and some insights on life, y’know?

Without further ado…here are some things that I’ve been really into as of late.
FOOD: Walker Sunbites in Sweet Chilli (my lifesaver when I’m in a dire need of a pick-me-up), Fortnum and Mason Pistachio and Clotted Cream Biscuits (pricey but if you feel like spoiling yourself a little bit, this is it!) , Fortnum and Mason Earl Grey Tea Biscuits (these biscuits actually genuinely taste like earl grey tea, and actually a little bit like matcha biscuits as well now that I think of it)
MUSIC: Khalil Fong – Moon River (one of my fav oldies reinterpreted with a slight modern twist whilst maintaining a hint of nostalgia) , Elsa Kopf – If (fav OST song from One More Happy Ending), 정승환 (Jung Seung Hwan) – 응급실 (Emergency Room)  (I already love the original song as it is but I also love this reinterpretation of the classic song)
MAKEUP: Maybelline Brow Satin (my to-go brow pencil for daily use, it is a decent brow pencil that won’t break the bank), Laneige – BB Cushion SPF 50+ (#21 Natural Beige) (I’ve been using for the past 2.5 years, this is good for those with oily and combination skin type!)
SKINCARE: Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm (I swear by this cleansing balm, am currently on my second tub), Pai Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (this is not only paraben free but it also leaves you feeling clean without stripping off the natural oils of your skin)
DRAMA: One More Happy Ending (4 more episodes of Jung Kyung-ho!)
YOUTUBE: Bubzvlogz (pretty sure Bubz needs no introduction, I love her vlogs!), OHHAIBELLE (shameless self-promo ha, no but really, check out my vlog channel)
BLOGS: Frassy (I’ve been reading her since I was 18, and I still do today. Her outfits are so well-thought but it’s her ‘give no shit’ attitude that shines through her writing that I love)

Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

At the Tate, London (Feb 2016)

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I have writing about it. 🙂

First Impression: One More Happy Ending


Mimo: Even after getting torn and exhausted through endless relationships, I turn my head and notice someone new. My heart flutters and I get excited. I should learn how to let it age within myself, but I spit it out right away, and it scars me once again.
Soohyuk: I’m jealous. I envy how you spill out your emotions, instead of holding them in. They’ll feel happy when you let them free. My emotions always rot inside me. I end up regretting it later.                                                                                         Credit: Tumblr

Be still, my heart! Yes your eyes are not deceiving you. I am writing about a drama in after what feels like forever (has it been two years?). And it was an impromptu decision to do so too. I’ve talked about this with a friend of mine just this afternoon about feeling in a rut when it comes to drama-writing, and to be honest with the over-saturated drama blogosphere I hardly feel like I’ll be able to contribute anything new to the ongoing discussion which is why I barely talk about shows that I am actually watching these days. And yet I can’t shake off this nagging feeling that I HAVE to write about this particular show for some reason. For those who’s been around for long, you probably already know that I have a penchant for underrated gems (be it for music, drama and other things) and especially when it comes to rooting for the underdog.

One More Happy Ending, to me is one such case. Well yes, this drama has been very well-received by the international viewers (see Soompi thread HERE). It’s just a shame that this sentiment wasn’t shared by the Korean audience because god damn this show just owns my heart and soul. I did NOT see this coming. Week after week I find myself craving for the next episode and what I’d do after each episode is to rummage through the Soompi thread and read every single commentary on it because I am just dying to find people who adore this drama as much as I do…which must mean something right?

Now that I’ve gotten this out of my chest…I can finally breathe. So…what made me pick this show? At first it was simply out of curiosity as I was intrigued by the Jang Nara-Jung Kyungho pairing. Then I watched the first two episodes and was pleasantly surprised by how much it left me cracking up like some crazy person in the middle of the night. Confession: This is my first Jung Kyungho drama and I have NEVER seen Heartless City before (yes, people like us do exist *narrowly dodging bullets from left and right*)  and you know what…I abso-fucking-lutely love him here (those who’ve watched the drama will recognise the reference *winks*). His hairstyle here may not be everyone’s cup of tea but who cares when he’s doing such an amazing job with his character?

Some viewers were all ‘oh wait but Soo-hyuk’s so indecisive and all’,’Hae-joon is so prefect and swoonworthy’,’why did he tell his best friend that he wasn’t interested in Mimo just to eat his own words later?’… oh come on, Soohyuk (that’s Jung Kyungho’s character by the way) is just another human who’s incredibly flawed, just like any other person. I don’t think it is fair to expect someone who’s been out of the dating game for eleven years to realise and act upon their feelings immediately. Yes he can be childish at times (ooh I just love it when he is being deliberately petty!) and yes his dillydallying can be frustrating but I think that’s what sets him apart from his best friend Haejoon, who might appear to be oh-so-perfect on paper at first sight. I’m sorry to say this, but I find his ‘so-called’ perfection frustrating. I don’t care if this is going to offend some of the Haejoon shippers but I’m just going to say this…I can’t stand male leads who are all self-centred, egoistic and a bit of a control freak (nobody in their right mind would use a kiss to stop his girlfriend from talking about another guy…omg if this is a real thing then shame on those who actually do it). For pete’s sake, this is not a competition but a woman’s heart here that we’re talking about! Okay…enough of my rant. Let’s get back to the drama itself.

Objectively speaking, this drama is far from perfect. The writing is hardly what you’d call amazing but what the drama lacks in depth it makes up for character development in the form of Nam Dajung (one of the most compelling side characters that I’ve seen in awhile…someone give Yoo Da-in a tag on Dramabeans!) and of course Song Soohyuk, a male lead that feels more like a second male lead rather than THE male lead (now isn’t that refreshing?). Soohyuk possess the qualities that we’ll usually see in second male lead characters (i.e. the guy who perpetually pines after the female lead and looks after her from a distance) and even though you could already tell that he’s going to be the end game it still broke my heart to see him getting his heart all broken into piece. Show, please don’t let me down I’ve been Jungpal-ed once and I don’t think I can deal with another one heartbreak. Writer-nim, you’ve been doing a fantastic job with Jung Kyungho’s character so far…PLEASE STAY CONSISTENT. Or maybe it wasn’t the writing but just Jung Kyungho being his awesome self.

Also, can I just mention how I absolutely LURVE how Soohyuk and Mimo are both bursting from all that chemistry together??? Childhood friends to lovers is one of the most overused tropes out there but it works really well in this context because it is so obvious that these two old friends know each other inside out so being together as a couple is simply a natural progression because they complement each other so well: one needs someone to love her for who she is and show her that she deserves to be treated as a princess well another needs someone to tell him how amazing he is as a person and that he deserves a second chance at happiness no matter what other people might say (ignore the busybody naysayers!).
These GIFs from tumblr are everything ❤

Haejoon is likely to be in love with his concocted image of Mimo is like but Soohyuk  is the one who actually knows the real her. I mean, he’s seen in her absolute best and he’s also seen her in her absolute worst (oh drunk Mimo is the best, you feel so much secondhand embarrassment for her and yet you cannot help but to root for her) and he loves her all the same so this is why he is the perfect one for Han Mimo.

No review on this drama would be complete without mentioning my favourite side couple who’s been (slowly and steadily) stealing the show, namely Geunhak (Kim Taehoon who blew me way in Hidden Identity!!!) and Dajung (played by the amazing Yoo Da-in). I started out the show not caring much for them but after episodes 7 and 8 I can safely telling you that this couple is one of the most compelling couples that I’ve seen on the TV for a really long time. I really really want to see them get back together because it is plain as day that the both of them are clearly still very much in love with each other despite the fact that divorce is just looming around the corner. The pictures below show how this couple met and fell in love with each other. Honestly just look at Geunhak’s dimples!
The thing about this couple is that their portrayal of marriage is so realistic to the point that you’re actually hurting together with them. It just makes me wonder why and how they’ve gotten to this point where they’re at the brink of divorce (and the show has been doing a fab job and showing us just that). Also, I found the breast cancer scare really relatable since it’s something that’s very close to my heart since it’s something that’s affected someone who’s really dear to me.

If I had to describe this drama in one word, the word would be ‘onionlike’. You wouldn’t really think much of an onion in the sense that its appearance isn’t something to write home about at first sight but as you peel off the layers further you get to slowly see what is really inside. Likewise, this drama may not be one that commands your attention right off the bat but it’s one of those that really grows on you after a while as you slowly start to warm up to the characters that you probably didn’t think you’d care for (like Dajung and Mimo, for example).

BOTTOM LINE: Go watch this drama if you haven’t already! (Spoiler alert: There’s one amazing confession scene in EP8 HERE and I’ve been rewatching it multiple times)

I’m just going to conclude with these GIFs from tumblr with some of my fav lines from Han Mimo.

Disclaimer: Images and audio belong to respective owners.

P.S.: This is a one-off drama review. I don’t think I’ll be able to write an extensive review of sorts but I’ll be happy to discuss about this drama here anytime. :)))

Watch the drama with Chinese subs HERE or English subs HERE.
You can check out the discussion on the Soompi thread HERE.
DramabeansDramajjang and Couch Kimchi have written some fantastic recaps/reviews about this drama if you’re interested.

To new beginnings

So…I wonder how many of you are still here after my extended hiatus? Probably not a lot. There are days when I wonder if I’ve changed way too much to live up to my blog’s name. For starters, I don’t really see myself as a true ‘dramaholic’ anymore (oops) and I no longer spaz over shows like I used to. I still watch them from time to time, but have never really felt compelled to write about them. There were times when I have actually come across dramas (sadly not a lot of them) that I’ve really loved to the point that I was tempted to write extensively about (Misaeng!) but I never really pulled through because RL in itself was too overwhelming. Instead of worrying about keeping up to date with shows I’ve started to focus more on my personal life. When I started this blog 3 years ago, little did I know that I was going to be MIA for so long.

I honestly don’t know what I am supposed to do with this space. Should I delete everything that I’ve written in the past now that the title of the blog is no longer a reflection of my current state? But then there’s all of these stuff that I’ve written in the past that I am still proud of today (however awkward and childish they might seem now when viewed retrospectively) and I just thought that it’d be a shame to completely get rid of them. This then brings me to my next point.

I am going to revamp this space and mould it into my own personal blog rather than a blog that’s more focused on drama-commentary (which is what it used to be in the past). This means a change of name is in order, along with many other things like layout and content. I know that this might be upsetting for some of you so I won’t blame you if you choose to leave because everyone’s entitled to make their own choice and I respect that.

For those of you who are lucky enough to read this (honestly don’t think there’s going to be anyone left ’cause this space is practically dead), thank you! I will not make any promises as to how often I’ll blog because God knows how bad I am at keeping them. However, I will TRY to post more regularly in my attempt to resurrect this blog.

I’ve just changed my domain so you can now find me on here instead.



Travel Diary: Spring Edition I (London)

As you can probably gather from the title, I just got back from an extended trip from London. I left for London immediately the first day of my spring break because I knew that school has gotten a bit too stifling for me. To be honest London is probably not the first choice among my peers (Europe seems to be a popular choice for university students come spring, for obvious reasons) but I figured I might as well make the most out of my strategic location since London is only half an hour away by train besides…I’m not the biggest fan of travelling by plane because it’s such a hassle, I prefer trains because it’s more time-efficient (no need for check-in, luggage collection etc) and generally more convenient for me. I’m the sort of person who tends to accumulate a (ever-so growing) list of places to see, things to do and food recommendations in my travel bucket list. I have tons of bookmarked links about things I need to check out someday and for some reason I have always wanted to check out the markets in London (for years) as well as do some serious thrifting (confession: I have a thing for really old stuff I love how there’s a story behind each vintage find). And the thing is though is that no one else seems to be as excited about these things as me. I used to think that it’ll be nice to have a like-minded companion who’d be willing to explore places with me but as time goes by I realised that it’ll take forever to find one so I might as well just follow my heart and do whatever I want. I had my first attempt at travelling solo last year and I was so surprised to realise how liberating it is to be able to have your own time and space to think and reflect on life. I especially love how much freedom I am given in planning my own travelling schedules (none of that Hop On Hop Off touristy rubbish haha) according to my personal taste. Since then, I’ve made up my mind to make this a regular thing. So long story short, London seemed to be the perfect choice for a quick last-minute getaway.

I then decided to stay in a youth hostel around Notting Hill for 5D4Ns due to budget restraints. It was really cheap – best part was the fact that the room rate was inclusive of two meals a day too! – Breakfast and dinner during the weekdays and also breakfast and lunch during the weekends. It’s perfect for travellers who are looking to stretch their money for a bit more longer. The facilities were rather basic (as expected) so if you’re expecting hotel standard you will be underwhelmed but for those who don’t mind roughing it out for a bit, staying in hostels is probably one of the best ways to meet people from all over the world especially if you’re sharing a dorm. Once you get past the dorm factor all is fine.

The first day was mostly spent on settling down and figuring out my travel route for the next few days. Since there was a bit of time left of the day I decided to check out Leadenhall Market (which was used to represent the area of London near The Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley in the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!!!) because I love all things Harry Potter

Here are some pictures.

IMG_7933 IMG_7941 IMG_7945 IMG_7949 IMG_7955 IMG_7957 IMG_7967 IMG_7971

Additional info

This market is located between Gracechurch and Lime Street.

Nearest Underground: Bank and Monument.

Best time to visit: During weekdays during lunch time. If you want to take pictures with minimal distractions I’d say around 3ish in the afternoon.

Suggestions >> From Bank you can either: take the Central line to St. Paul’s for St. Paul’s Cathedral (2 mins walk away) OR  go to Bond Street and stop by Smack Deli for a bite (I recommend the £7.50 Seven Samurai lobster roll) OR head over to Liverpool Street (which is a good starting point if you want to explore all the ultra-cool parts of East London like Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Spitalfields, Hackney just to mention a few)

After that I went back to the hostel to rest for a bit before going out to search for Kyoto Garden, which is said to be a hidden gem in Central London. It was hard to find but worth it. It’s a pretty spot for those seeking for a bit of tranquility in London. 😀

IMG_8139 IMG_8142 IMG_8143 IMG_8146 IMG_8148 IMG_8154 IMG_8159 IMG_8161

On my second day I decided to start my day with a meal at the much-raved The Breakfast Club near Soho. I reached there around 9.45am and only had to queue for one hour (which is a huge improvement from last time’s 2.5 hours LOL). I decided to try out the Pancakes and Bacon per my friend’s recommendation (the portion is massive!) which was okay I guess. Okay here’s the thing, (unpopular opinion I know) I find the food in TBC decent enough but not mindblowingly good (the queue can be pretty off-putting tbh I mean if I’m queuing for something and it’s not out of the world amazing would you still go back the next time? Don’t answer HAHA oops I’m one of those who kept going back even though I wasn’t impressed LOL I guess I was pretty fixated on finding out exactly what is so rave-worthy about the place.


After that I decided to check out the main shopping spots in London (Oxford Street, Regent Street, Carnaby Street) and just look around fashion labels that I’ve always been curious about (Monki, American Apparel, C.O.S and Dahlia) and other favourites like & Other Stories. Carnaby Street is probably your best bet if you’re into independent fashion brands (I cannot recommend Dahlia enough for the girls who loves a bit of fun in their wardrobe).


Department store-wise Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols are the usual spots tourists gravitate to but I would like to recommend Liberty (go to the home-decor section and you’ll be blown away T______T) for a change.


On my third day I spent most of my time in Portobello Road Market (which is my main purpose of this trip, seeing how it’s been made famous by the film Notting Hill) and let me tell you I spent my entire afternoon in a trance, transfixed by the bedazzling wide selection of antiques, vintage items and great oldies music all over. It’s as if I got transported back into time.


Adam Beattie and the Consultants – you can check out his album on Bandcamp here

IMG_8187 IMG_8189 IMG_8191 IMG_8196 IMG_8197 IMG_8202 IMG_8204 IMG_8206 IMG_8209 IMG_8213 IMG_8215 IMG_8419 IMG_8225 IMG_8273 IMG_8279

More colour~~~ :3

IMG_8223 IMG_8227 IMG_8268

Columbia Road Flower Market (only open on Sundays!)




A quaint little store near Columbia Road


Brick Lane






Try a Sunday circuit of: Liverpool Street station >> Colombia Road Flower Market, then walk along Colombia road then South to Brick Lane (for Brick Lane Market, the Sunday Upmarket, Brick Lane Vintage Market) , Spitalfields market and back to Liverpool Street station.

On my last day in London I met up with a friend from twitter-verse and checked out the Alexander McQueen Savage Exhibition together with her at the Victoria and Albert Museum. ^____^


 Markets mentioned

Portobello Road – good for antiques, jewellery and all sorts of random knick knacks.You can easily spend a whole day here on Saturdays when all stores are fully open. However, considering how tourists from all over the world are drawn to here because of the film Notting Hill, the crowd can get a bit overwhelming during the weekends. Even so, I highly recommend this market for its one-of-a-kind nostalgic ambience that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Just remember to start early!

Columbia Road – Bustling market for all sorts of plants, flowers and everything else garden-related. A lot of Instagrammers come here for their flower pictures ^.^ Note: it’s only open on Sundays from 8am-3pm.

Brick Lane – You can find pretty much everything and anything here. From street food, antiques, art to fashion and more, you name it, you’ll find it. This place is a good starting point for thrifting and finding good vintage bargains (you just have to dig deep). It’s only open on Sundays from Sunday 8am-3pm.

Sunday UpMarket (at the Old Truman Brewery) – An indoor market for clothes, fashion accessories, music, crafts, food, art, vintage etc. Come with an empty stomach so that you can try out a wide variety of street-food in the food market section. Open on Sundays from 10am-5pm.

I don’t recommend the Old Spitalfields Market since there’s barely anything to see there and also ’cause the antique finds aren’t as extensive as the ones on Portobello Road Market.

That’s all for now. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this post. :3

The Sisterhood of The World Blogger Award

Okay to be honest I’ve been in a blogging rut for God knows how long…and sometimes I tend to forget that this space still exists (or maybe I do but for whatsoever reasons I just couldn’t find it in me to write anymore) so imagine my surprise when I heard that I’ve actually been nominated for The Sisterhood of The World Blogger Award by the ever so kind one and only Dramajjang/Kwon Sang Seung. Thank you so much for this nomination T____T It’s not everyday you get to be reminded that you’re not forgotten in this blogosphere. I’m so sorry it took me so long to answer this questions but I’m glad that I’ve finally managed to do it. I actually had lots of fun answering them (in fact I think I got a bit carried away for one of the questions XD).

Now for the rules of this award:

  1. Link the blogger who nominated you on your post.
  2. Put the award logo on your blog.
  3. Answer the ten questions that were given to you.
  4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Nominate five blogs and make sure they are aware they are nominated.
  6. When you have responded, leave a link in the comment of the person who nominated you.

Dramajjang‘s 10 questions:

1) To makjang or not to makjang?

No makjang please HAHA it’s one of the reasons why I generally stay away from weekend dramas. I’m all for makjang-free dramas ^___^

2) Do you fall in love in every drama with a different actor/actress too?

Well it depends really sometimes when I really like an actor/actress the love usually carries through to his/her other projects. There are times where I rediscover actors/actresses through really good acting projects though haha I don’t think I’ve answered your question properly oops.

3) Has your bias ever betrayed your feelings? And if yes, when?

I don’t have a bias now. I used to adore FT Island who is practically my first ever Korean bias when I was in high school but I grew out of my fangirl phase over the years (omg I feel so ancient now T____T). If we are going by ex-biases there’s Big Bang and FT Island and Lee Seunggi but I don’t think I’ve been disappointed/betrayed by them before (I WAS fangirly but not thattt obsessed till the point that I would let them affect my emotions in that way), so nope, that hasn’t happened before.

4) Do you like Cho Yong Pil’s music and generally, 80s South Korean music?

Okay I need to make a confession. The only Cho Yong Pil music that I know is Bounce (which is fairly recent) which I like heh. Yeah I think 80s South Korean music is amazing – I mean, we’ve got the likes of Lee Moon-Se, Lee Sun-hee, Yoo Jae-ha, Boohwal and Deulgukhwa but those are the ones that stood out to me the most. I mean their influence is still there and their legendary songs are still being covered on national tv until this very day BUT I’m personally a bigger fan of the ballad-era in the 1990s heh my favourites are Lee Juck (who used to be part of Panic), Kim Yeon-woo, Toy/Yoo Hee-yeol (not the best singer but his collabs were amazing I think Passionate Goodbye is super iconic I still love it even now). I just realised that pretty much all of them are guys oops…*guilty face* What can I say…I love my ahjusshis. Of course there’s also Yoon Jong Shin, Shin Seung Hun, Lee Seung Hwan, Yoon Sang etc but like they haven’t really left that much of an impression on me. With these names that I’ve mentioned though some of them only had like one or two hit songs that I’m actually familiar with so it’s not like my knowledge of them is perfect or anything. I think Yoon Do Hyun also came up in the 1990s, his voice is pretty good even though tbh I haven’t listened to him a lot.

Okay back to the 1980s…I think Kim Hyun-sik was also pretty huge (but I don’t know his songs well). Well for Lee Moon Sae the classic ones that I can think of now are Girl and Sunset Glow. Lee Sun-hee though has got so many iconic songs and I shall save your time by redirecting you to this playlist here. With Yoo Jae-ha (we lost him way too soon) there’s the legendary Because I Love You and You In My Arms (please watch Ha Dong Kyun’s Cover of YIMA!), and with Boohwal there’s Never Ending Story and for Deulgukhwa we’ve got Please. HAHA I think my knowledge of the 1980s Gayo is fairly limited. I only have Korean variety shows, music shows and song covers to thank for exposing me to the oldies (Immortal Song 2 is freaking awesome in terms of reintroducing oldies into mainstream gayo). Oh crap, I hadn’t realised that this turned out to be way longer than expected heh. It’s not everyday I get to talk about the oldies that I like so thank you so much for your question. ^___^

5) Which are your favorite 2015 drama and/or movie for the time being?

T-drama Mr Right Wanted (technically a 2014 drama but it finished its run in 2015 so I’m just treating it as a 2015 one). I haven’t got much time to watch dramas this year. I’ve watched Kill Me Heal Me but it’s not something that I’d go out of my way to recommend to first timers and as for the other dramas I’ve dropped them like hot potatoes (Misaeng would be perfect but it’s a 2014 drama so…*shrugs*).

6) Which actor/actress would you like to see in a drama during 2015?

Song Joong Ki ❤

7) After Kill Me, Heal Me ended, how many personalities did you acquire? If you haven’t watched it yet, why?!

Just one HAHA I think it was fun while it lasted but it’s not like a must-watch for me. I personally stuck on for Ji Sung despite how distracting Hwang Jung-eum’s plasticky-ness & OTT-ness was but sadly the drama lost its steam in the later half oh wells.

8) To have loved and to have lost or to have never loved?

To have loved and to have lost. At least there’s the memories that’ll sustain you through your old age, no?

9) Have you ever drank soju? And if yes, did you get drunk?

Yeahhh, I prefer makgeolli though it’s a bit milder plus I generally like the smell of rice wine heh. With soju nope I don’t think I’ve allowed myself to drink to the extent that I’ll be drunk (because there won’t be people to carry me home lol just kidding ;p)

10) Would you do the chincha dance with me?

Okay I had to google up the chincha dance (I’m outdated I know -____-) and I still haven’t got the slightest idea what it’s about HAHA fail. I’m a dance klutz but if you’re willing to bear with my ineptness on the dance floor I guess why not? HEH

My 10 questions are less drama-orientated because I’d very much prefer to get to know the lovely people who’ve come across my space. I mean, dramas are great and all, but at the end of the end they’re just fiction whereas you awesome people are real people living real lives, y’know? One of the things that I’ve always been drawn to whenever I discover a new blog is to find out more about the masterminds behind these fascinating writings (I’m instantly drawn to the ‘About Me’ page pretty much every single time). Anyways here are my questions:

1. Did you have a childhood nickname? If so, what’s the story behind it?
2. Tell me three things about the place you grew up in.
3. What’s the craziest/oddest thing you’ve ever eaten?
4. Would you rather eat healthy or exercise regularly?
5. If you had to pick one representative dish that best encapsulates where you are from what would it be and why?
6. How do you spend your free time apart from watching shows?
7. If you could go back into time (say, ten years) to offer a piece of advice to the younger you, what would it be and why?
8. What is one of the most adventurous things you’ve ever done?
9. What is something you are waiting for, or looking forward to, right now?
10. Where are you from? How did you get to discover this space? In other words, what brought you here?

I am nominating my favourite bloggers Heisui of My Drama Tea, Mookie, Jan of blogphilic & dramaphilic, Shweta of A Splash of Inspiration and last but not least I’d love to return the favour to the ultra-cool Kwon Sang Seung of Dramajjang (because I’m too curious about you!). Have fun answering the questions y’all! ❤

Mr. Right Wanted (徵婚啟事) – Review

I have sooooo many things to talk about this drama,  in fact I’m so overwhelmed with feelings to the extent that I don’t even know where I should start with. It’s just so unlike any other T-drama that I’ve seen before. This heart tugs at my heartstrings in more ways that you can ever imagine. To say that I really like this drama would be an understatement of the year, because love isn’t even good enough to cover it, I am absolutely smitten with this drama. One would argue that the premise is ridiculous. I mean, who would actually advertise a notice to seek potential suitors the old-fashioned way at this time and age? Note that the book was first published in 1989, and the movie adaptation of the book, The Personals was released in 1998. Technology was not as advanced back then as it is now, and society wasn’t as accepting of the idea of a female putting herself out there in the open by marriage-seeking through a newspaper advertisement (almost unheard of in fact). I read about how the idea for the drama came about in the first place. The original author of the book was actually the real life Lee Hai-ning (under another name, of course) as she was the one who actually placed a personal ad on the newspapers looking for potential marriage candidates (how gutsy of her O.O), because she was really curious to find out how other people view love and marriage at that time. Moving back to the present time, Mr. Right Wanted plays on this very same idea  with a slight twist, with the advertisement to seek potential suitors to be placed through Facebook instead of it being done through the newspaper, it is set in the 21st century after all.


Lee Hai-ning is a successful thirty-something female editor for a publication magazine who doesn’t want to get married, neither does she crave for marriage. This is something new even to Sonia Sui, who has admitted in the BTS videos that most of the female characters that she’s portrayed actually really wants  to get married deep down inside despite claims to the contrary. Hai-ning is afraid of marriage, she doesn’t believe in marriage because she feels like it’ll never last, and people will break up in the end so why risk it? She’s very rational, as evidenced in her determination to not let her personal relationship (her break-up with ex-boyfriend Cheng-hao) affect her work which is both a plus (now that’s true professionalism) and a minus, and I say it’s a minus because you know sometimes being in love requires you the suspend your brain for a little bit and just let your heart take over. The scriptwriter once described Hai-ning as 工作上的強者,情感上的白癡, which is true for a lot of 30-something females today who are fearlessly bold when it comes to work but are unable to see their blind spot when it comes to love.

What started out as a mere research project for Hai-ning’s new book evolved into something more than that as she slowly learns more about love and marriage along the way as we get to know about the various attitudes and perceptions  towards love and marriage in today’s society through her dates with her potential suitors. We get to see Hai-ning reflect upon each and every one of her encounters through her inner monologues (as well as the letters she’s written to the various people that she’s met along the way) in the process of obtaining material for her book. The best part though, is how us viewers get to learn something new with each passing episode, which means that we are in effect, maturing and growing together with Hai-ning.  After seeing Sonia as Hai-ning it seems to me that her previous role as Ji An-lei in The Pursuit of Happiness just pales so much more in comparison to the richness of character that is Hai-ning. Character-wise I feel like I can relate to Hai-ning the most. Hai-ning feels so real and convincing to me as a character because I actually see myself in her,  especially her fear and lack of trust towards the institution of marriage that is widely prevalent in today’s society.


I absolutely love how she ends up being best friends with her first blind date, Yu-zhou (Universe) who completes the BFF-trio: Hai-ning, Tian-xin and Universe. You can always count on him to be completely honest and straight-forward. He only speaks the truth. The things that he says may not be what you want to hear but you know that it’s all for your own good.  Zhang Shao-huai is freaking awesome as Universe (he’s a super loveable and adorable oddball) while Tian-xin is a breakthrough role of sorts for Yao Yao (my first reaction was ‘omg I didn’t know that she can actually act’) and I actually quite like how her materialistic side contrasts with Hai-ning’s attitude to love, in the sense that if Tian-xin was in Hai-ning’s position, things would’ve been decided differently. I really appreciate the dynamic interaction between them and how they’re not just friends but also family.


Oh and let’s not forget about Hai-ning’s amazing colleagues who are practically her extended family and her best support system. Even though it may seem that they have minor roles in this drama all of them are really engaging and interesting to watch, and they make you care about them. I love how they’ll get defensive over anyone who tries to hurt Hai-ning. One of the most memorable scenes for me is when they showed up at Hai-ning’s doorstep in their Superhero attire (right after they found out about her break-up) with the intention to help her with the cleaning up of the mess from the renovation work that she did (when she was still with her ex-boyfriend Cheng-hao) , but I think the scene is significant because of the unspoken message  which is “we’ll always be here for you no matter what, we’ve got your back girl”.  I totally dig their rapport together, and you can clearly see that they truly regard each other as family.  The casting for Hai-ning’s colleagues is so on point. In fact, they’re so convincing to the extent that you’d never for a second doubt that they’d fit right in even if you were to place them in an actual publishing office. Another notable mention is also the director’s conscious decision to cast new faces – the girl who’s acting as socially awkward Bei Bei is a newbie, and the amazing actress who plays cheerful ahjumma Ah-Feng is originally a musical actress – which is always a plus in my book.

I also find it impressive how the director sought to bring his vision to life by using an unconventional method of filming that is relatively unheard of in the production of T-dramas by filming each episode with the scale of production that is comparable to filming 20 movies (as we have 20 main male characters  – one for each episode), the stand-alone episodic format, …the list goes on and on. You can feel that there’s so much effort put into perfecting every single detail, and this is reflected in the wardrobe (trivia: Universe all-in-one-tone wardrobe was meant to reflect his feelings), the various mannerism that is unique to each character,  the little titbits the drama production team has left for loyal viewers of the show – for example, they’d release a letter that Hai-ning has written for her date(s) on Facebook and their official app after each episode, which in my opinion just enhances the whole drama-watching experience because you really get this feeling that the guys that she’s met are people that actual exist in real life who might very well be anyone around us and not just mere caricatures. You feel like the lives of characters still goes on offscreen. This show has done such a good job of bringing us into Hai-ning’s the world and allowing us to view things differently through Hai-ning’s eyes that I sometimes forget that I’m just watching a show.

I know that the title says Mr. Right Wanted but honestly, I am soooooo glad that the show is not just about a girl finding her Mr. Right. In fact, I think this show focused more on her personal growth and development as opposed to just finding her Mr Right. The main point was about how her perspectives on love and marriage has changed and evolved through time, how she’s matured as a person and whether she’s found the answer to the question that she’s asked herself at the very beginning of the episode “What is it about marriage that makes it so attractive to others?”. I love how this show doesn’t try to be all like “oh because finding Mr. Right is the only way for her to find true happiness”. (*COUGH*THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.) I was a little disappointed at TPOH because I feel like the huge takeaway from the show for me was ‘so you’re saying that the only way for her to gain true happiness is to be married’  as if females should be shunned if they are not happily married after a certain age. In Mr. Right Wanted, Hai-ning shows us that it is okay to be thirty-something and not want to get married. The show could’ve taken the easy way out by delivering the usual ‘so they got married and had their happily ever after’ (as if being married automatically solves everything), but they didn’t.

Instead, what we got was that Hai-ning has finally mustered enough courage to try her hand at love again.

Spoiler Alert!

We know that she ends up getting into a relationship with cute delivery guy Zhong-wen, but they didn’t go so far as to show us whether they did end up together as husband and wife…which, YAY. Yes, even if she ends up together with him there’s no denying that they might eventually break up due to various factors like their age difference, the vast gap between their financial capabilities etc, it doesn’t really matter to me at this point of time because so what if their relationship didn’t last? The whole point of the show wasn’t to get her married to someone in order to find her happiness, but simply her daring to love again (her answer to the question she’s asked herself in the first episode is “courage”). It’s not about who she ends up getting married to, it’s about how she got there. So I have no qualms whatsoever with her choosing to date Zhong-wen but not ending up getting married to him.

End of spoilers

When I first watched this drama I thought that even if she ends up with no one I would be completely fine as long as the drama made sure to focus on her self-discovery and personal growth, and the show delivered!

I love how the writers made a nod to the typical tropes seen in 总裁小说 (CEO-themed romance novels) – I think the female scriptwriters are trying to live out their fantasies on-screen. :p Both Zhong-wen and Lun Zhe-ming are pretty much complete opposites but they both represent the two ideals: a guy with financial stability that treats you like a princess whereas the other guy hasn’t really got anything against the former guy but you’d be sure that he’ll love you wholeheartedly. Zhe-ming is like fine wine that only gets even better with time. Zhong-wen on the other hand…represents another ideal. Zhong-wen is not as suave and financially strong as the former and is far from perfect, not without flaws but I prefer his somewhat brash confession because it felt way more raw and genuine, all he’s got is his heart and sincerity.  When Hai-ning asked Zhong-wen what she is to him, he responds her with this:

妳對我來說 是不管你發生什麼事 我都希望陪在你身邊的人。

(To me, you’re a person that I’d always want to stay beside no matter what happens.)

This is his way of saying that he’ll always accompany her and stay by her side no matter what happens, be it good or bad. This one sentence truly encompasses what every girl truly wants. What this sentence means to a girl is this —  regardless of whether I am a successful career woman or just a plain ordinary woman without any special achievements or accomplishments, I can seek comfort in knowing that you will be there for me in good times and bad times all the same, and that you are willing to look past my imperfections and accept me for who I am. I mean, how many girls can say no to that? (Resistance is futile.)

When Zhong-wen got into a fight with Lun Zhe-ming the latter told him that he’s willing to be more accepting towards Hai-ning’s insistence to keep her career (he said it rather begrudgingly in a way that makes me feel that he’s thinks that he’s doing her a huge favour by granting his permission for her to pursue her career)…and once again Zhong-wen delivers yet another awesome line:

可以接受,為什麼是可以接受? 她本來就擁有自由 誰都沒有權利干涉她。

(What do you mean by your statement that you’re willing to accept her decision to keep her career? She’s always been entitled to exercise her right to freedom to do whatever she likes. No one, not even you, can interfere with that.)

Spoiler Alert!
That moment, it dawned on me why Zhong-wen was the right person for her. It was because he never tried to control or change her, not even once. Instead, he gave her the freedom to be herself around him. He saw Hai-ning for who she truly was and accepted her all the same, unlike Lun Zhe-ming who claims that all that he’s done is for Hai-ning’s benefit but the truth is he’s just plain selfish by imposing his standards on her (he told her to quit her job after marriage like UGH that’s just a huge no no when it’s obvious that Hai-ning treasures her job so much because it gives her a sense of purpose as an editor). He thinks that what Hai-ning needs is to be protected in a fancy castle but really, girl doesn’t need a castle, all she needs is someone to support her and give her enough space to allow her talent to truly shine. Come on, not every girl is a damsel in distress waiting to be saved by her shining knight-in-armor or Prince Charming y’know, our Hai-ning is more than capable of doing her own saving thankyouverymuch. Zhong-wen knows how much Hai-ning values her job, understands her passion and prompts her to be the best version of herself. He doesn’t sugarcoat things – he calls Hai-ning out for tricking others into divulging their personal stories to her under the guise of an ordinary female looking for potential suitor for marriage when in fact she was in fact researching (and getting material) for her new book. He knows her inside out, sometimes even more than she knows herself.  Look, Zhong-wen may not be as rich as CEO Zhe-ming but he’s got something even more important than that, that is heart and willingness to understand her, which is what matters the most for Hai-ning. No doubt Lun Zhe-ming is extremely charming but character-wise he’s just too unrealistic.

End of Spoilers


If Lun Zhe-ming was to be played by another person wouldn’t have bothered watching but because it was Christopher Lee working his magic and bedazzling us, I actually quite enjoyed the super-charismatic performance from him. As for Hans Zhong there wasn’t that many scenes of him so I can’t really say much about his acting but he was pretty decent. As for the music selection I think I did mention in my First impressions post about how I really enjoyed the nostalgic vibe I that get from the some of the songs featured in the background (oldies but goodies!),  and I just love how they fit the relevant scenes like a glove.

Now let me make this clear for you. Mr Right Wanted is not a perfect drama. It never set out to be one. Yes, it is highly unlikely that a dashing Prince Charming as charismatic as Lun Zhe-ming (I feel as if he just came straight out from a 总裁小说 lol) would actually exist in real life, nor is it that possible to meet a delivery guy as gorgeous as Hans Zhong who just so happens to have a massive crush on you (assuming that you’re Hai-ning HA). But hey, a girl can dream can’t she? Certain parts are dreamy in a ‘too good to be true’ way but even so I’d say that the drama is still realistic and very relatable for most parts. This is well-produced drama, with lotssssss of heart in it. What I like the most about this drama is that every single character counts. I know that from the cast list people would think ‘oh so Christopher Lee, Jerry Huang, and Hans Zhong are the three main guy characters’ but no,  they couldn’t be further from the truth. The answer is – there is no one main guy lead. Believe it or not, all of the potential suitors that Hai-ning encounters are effectively, male leads as each of them have an entire episode devoted to them respectively. Although it’s true that some potential suitors have made a recurring reappearance in the drama it doesn’t mean that the ones that hadn’t are less important. 徵婚啟事 is not just about Hai-ning, it is about their stories. It is theirs as much as it is hers.

Final verdict: Watch it if you’re looking for a refreshing take on the dating scene.

(Images are taken from Mr. Right Wanted’s Official FB Page, Audio and Video belong to respective owners.)